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World War II Installations on the Southeast Coast of Mauritius PREV NEXT

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Groupe : Bâti/Militaire
District : Grand Port/
Coordonnées : lon. 0 / lat. 0
Période : entre 1939 et 1945
Créé par :
Type propriétaire : Etat
Etat :
Menace :
Présentation :
In World War Two (WWII) the island of Mauritius, which had been a part of the British
Empire since 1810, became an important base for the Royal Navy fleet in the Indian Ocean: first
as a Royal Navy Air Station principally for hunting Japanese and German submarines, and also
as a centre of communications. 1 A number of installations were constructed for coastal defence
in the event of bombardment or attempted invasion as well as for the storage of fuel and
ammunition. The financial burden and the cost in manpower to the small colony of Mauritius
would have been substantial. No comprehensive record of these defensive structures, or of the
military landscape exists, although there are some records scattered amongst various archives in
Mauritius that have yet to be collected and collated. 2 Constructed 70 or so years ago most of
these structures are now to a greater or lesser degree ruinous because the reinforced concrete
from which they were largely constructed has degraded with time and, more seriously, has often
split apart as iron reinforcement has corroded. Vegetation too has taken its toll as roots split
walling apart. Modern development poses several threats. These include new National Coast
Guard installations at Pointe Diable, both on the elevated nose of the ridge and at the foot,
encroachment by garden agriculture, and the robbing of basalt blocks.

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