Covering the Printed Record, Manuscripts, Archivalia and Cartographic Material

Welcome to the Online Mauritius Bibliography Database

The object of the present database is to provide an online search tool into the compilation of records performed by Auguste TOUSSAINT and Harold ADOLPHE published in 1956.

Those records include every relevant piece or set of printed, manuscript and cartographic material relative to the island of Mauritius and its Dependencies from 1502 to the end of 1954, whether available in Mauritius itself or in other countries.

The records are divided into six groups or sections:
A. Early imprints and private publications issued in Mauritius from the introduction of printing in 1768 down to the end of 1954 ;
B. Periodicals, newspapers and serials isssued in Mauritius from 1773 to 1954 ;
C. Government and semi-official publications issued in Mauritius and Great Britain from the beginning of British rule in 1810 to 1954 ;
D. Publications relative to Mauritius issued abroad in English, French, Dutch and other languages from 1600 to 1954 ;
E. Manuscripts and archivalia of Mauritian interest available in Mauritius and in other countries from 1598 to 1954 ;
F. Cartographic material from 1502 to 1954, including general and regional maps and plans of Mauritius and its dependencies, nautical charts of the South West Indian Ocean and early world maps showing the Mascarene Islands.